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We believe in the true power of Influencing. And influencers have this power. Influencer Marketing is not a trend, it is the future. In history, there was no other group of people who had this much influence on changing and affecting people’s decision. If you are an influencer, be aware of what you are capable of. This is not just a tool for sharing products for advertisement.


We founded The Influencer Club for those who want to make this power sustainable, credible and of course profitable.


We take the difference between influencing and advertisement seriously. We do not broker any Influencer, we do not sell any Instagram Post. We curate the content with the influencer and in the outcome, there comes a story which is authentic, native and with legacy. This is the type of partnership that we build between parties (brands, influencers, NGOs etc.) in this club.


Only credible brands and influencers can be part of this club. We aim not to make more money. Instead, we aim to create valuable both-sideed partnerships. We know the money will follow.

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