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The Influencer Club

has a role as a bridge between brands and influencers to develop digital strategies that amplify brand awareness and drive business impact online. We care influencer marketing is a core about developing a real relationship from brands to influencers!


We believe in the true power of Influencing. And influencers have this power. Influencer Marketing is not a trend, it is the future. In history, there was no other group of people who had this much influence on changing and affecting people’s decision. If you are an influencer, be aware of what you are capable of. This is not just a tool for sharing products for advertisement.

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What do we care about?

The most important things is influencers who care about their content and their audiences. In the second place, brands are the most significant components of B2I (Brand to Influencer) marketing world. If brands want to reach success via influencers they have to give freedom to create niche content and develop a real relationship with influencers.

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Let’s create something extraordinary


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